PLANPOINT was created from enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for houses, for their design, for problem solving, for meeting with people.

PLANPOINT was created from a need. The need for a comprehensive approach to tasks. From the need to bring people who understand things and like working in their field together in one place. From the need to utilize the opportunities and technologies that make sense. From the need not to re-purchase and not re-sell the contracts.

How we work

We love it when we can work on a contract from the very beginning. A large part of the success is the close cooperation with the client, the customer. We can start with the selection of suitable land. Continue with a proposal of the overall concept of the building and its architectural design. We will prepare a number of details, including furniture design, lighting, color ... We will prepare a project for zoning and the building permit and for building construction. We will ensure the selection of a supplier, create a budget and we will manage or control the progress of construction. We will arrange final approval.  



There should be a powerful concept at the beginning of each construction work. A clear idea of how the building will work, how it will look. Architecture is one of the methods of communication and self-expression.


We work on all stages of the documentation. From the study, through pre-project preparation, the project for the building permit, up to the documentation for building construction. We are able to work in the BIM system.


We carry out building and design coordination, we ensure the technical and authorial supervision for the investor.