Many years of experience

Although the company PLANPOINT has been in existence since 2010, the experience of our team includes more than 20 years of work in the field of architecture and design. 

Cooperation with clients

The quantity of the completed projects demonstrates the ability to "arrange things". We strive to accomodate our clients as much as possible.

Detailed documentation

Documentation from us meets all requirements in accordance with the decree and the experience of our project architects is contained in it.

Quickly and reliably

We adhere to the terms under the agreement. We understand that time is the most precious asset that a person possesses. 

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Daniel Němeček, Ing.arch.

Architect, Managing Director

Filip Fritscher, Ing, Eur Ing.

Construction manager, Managing Director

Alena Mourová, Ing.arch.


Bohuslav Friedrich, Ing.

Chief Engineer

Přemysl Kotoul, Ing.

Engineer designer

Vojtěch Spanilý, Ing.

Designer, technical supervision

Peter Woloszyn, Ing.


Ján Hoberla, Ing.arch.


Marcela Friedrychová, Ing.

Engineer designer

Matej Kamenický, Ing.arch.

Architect / Engineer designer

Petra Šmejkalová


Magdalena Machová, Ing.arch.

Engeneer designer / Architect